MUZIK! is [was] a periodical published periodically (about 12 times a year) by Now But Not Yet Productions. Unsolicited manuscripts and photos will be [were] considered for publication, but no responsibility for loss or damage is [was] assumed by MUZIK!, especially when the existential dilemma gets [got] the best of us (i.e., when El Nuevo Wavo is [was] studying for his Philosophy 101 final, and starts hurling questions like "Who am I?" around the office). Enclose a SASE if material is to be returned. Contents are copyright 1981 by MUZIK! P.O. Box 49292, Atlanta, GA 30359. All rights reserved. Let us know what you think. [The PO Box was closed years ago, don’t try this at home.]

Editor-in-cognito: Steve Hurlburt

Thanks this month to: New York correspondent, Allen Rabinowitz; Club 72 lackey, T Paris; New Orleans correspondent, Mitchell Feldman; Paul Evans, who can never again be accused of Doodahing around; Anthony DeCurtis; Schlockmeister David Lindsay (no relation to Mark); and the Scourge-of-the-Written-Word on three continents and at least ten Atlanta bars, El Nuevo Wavo, Esq.

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